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Lessons Learned: Preparing for 2013

As you prepare for the year ahead, proactive planning should be top of mind. Review your recall plan, get that mock recall on your calendar, and review your quality controls now before you get caught flat-footed.

But don’t forget to think big picture. Hear what legal and regulatory experts with experience in FDA and CPSC related matters have to say about:

  •  The compounding pharmacy issues in Massachusetts and elsewhere show how essential it is to have proper quality control measures and regulatory oversight.
  • The Bumbo baby seat recall teaches the high importance of recall communication and remedy.
  • The Sunland peanut butter recall – involving a nationally-distributed organic product – serves as a wake-up call for quickly identifying a recall’s scope to protect consumers around the country.
  • The FDA’s first time using its mandatory power granted by FSMA to suspend Sunland’s registration indicates stricter federal oversight is underway, with less negotiating room for companies.

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